Coke Studio Party CrowdIf you are not at KICC right now, you are definitely missing out on the best party all week. Sponored by Coca Cola, its the Coke Studio Concert!!!

Coke Studio PartySome of the winners from the Insyder Selfie Satos are also here to join the party.

Coke Studio PartyThere is photo taking, catching up with buddies and a lot of fun on the grounds

Coke Studio PartyThe ladies have come in their best outfits. Its not just fun, the fashion here is also great

Coke Studio PartyThe banner backdrop is not just for VIP, so anyone can take a photo here, plus you cant just use your phone or camera for your own photos.

Coke Studio Party The Coke Studio Concert is a really chilled out awesome fun party, and its going down NOW!!

Coke Studio Party CrowdThe crowd is having fun and it is not too chaotic. Everyone having a great time!! So Get Yourself to the KICC NOW!!!