It was the hit song of 2008. Binti Kiziwi would reign supreme over the airwaves and was being played in almost every public place from matatus to clubs. The video was attributed as a great one during its time. Then tragedy struck even as the song was still on people’s playlists.

Binti Kiziwi and Z-Anto

Sandra Khan, aka Binti Kiziwi, who played the vixen in the video was a sassy diva who made heads turned. Dating Z-Anto for three years after their hit song, she was a famed celebrity. Their split a while later left her looking for ways to earn more cash. Joining the drug trade became her worst nightmare.

In July 2013, the vixen took a flight to China and landed at the Hong Kong International Airport. As with all drug traffickers, the prospect of getting caught haunted her and she did the unexpected. Swallowing a sachet of cocaine became her undoing. She then started experiencing stomach pains drawing attention to herself from the authorities. An ultrasound later, the drugs were discovered and Binti Kiziwi sent to remand for 3 years before her sentencing.

Surviving 5 years in jail, she was released late last year and went back home to Tanzania. She describes her time in jail as a result of peer pressure, greed and poor decision making. While in jail, she pursued a course in Human Resource and Psychology. She hopes that this will give a chance to correct her life after the predicament.


Regretting the chance of being a fully-fledged mother to her young son, she expressed that the emotions of seeing her son were overwhelming. She also thanked her family for standing with her throughout the jail term.

Sandra in Z-Anto’s new song 

Sandra has been busy ever since she came out of jail and has teamed up with Z-Anto once again to produce Nichape.