1. Douching with any substance after intercourse does not work as a contraceptive and does not prevent pregnancy.

2. It is not true that a female cannot become pregnant after her first sexual intercourse.

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3. It is not true that a woman cannot get pregnant during her menstrual period. It is true that a woman is usually less fertile for the first few days of menstruation – but less fertile does not mean not infertile.

4. Sexual intercourse in a hot tub or swimming pool does not prevent pregnancy.

5. There is no sexual position that prevents pregnancy. Some sexual positions may actually encourage pregnancy. Having sex standing up or with the female on top does not prevent pregnancy.

6. Toothpaste does not prevent pregnancy and should never be used as a contraceptive.

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7. It is not true that if the man does not ejaculate the woman cannot get pregnant. There is a risk of pregnancy as soon as vaginal penetration by the bare penis occurs.

8. You will still get pregnant even if you stay upside down for two hours after sex.

9. If the woman does not have an orgasm it does not mean at all that she cannot get pregnant.

10. Two condoms are not better than one. In fact, the friction between the condoms may cause them to tear more easily.

11. Drinking a lot of milk does not prevent pregnancy.

12. If the male drinks a lot of alcohol pregnancy is not prevented.

morning after13.Jumping up and down or placing seeds inside the vagina will not stop pregnancy occurring after intercourse.

14. Waiting until the next day to take the morning-after- pill does not make it more effective. It should be taken as soon as possible. The emergency contraceptive pill can be used up to 72 hours after unprotected sex. However, it is 95% effective during the first 24 hours, and goes down to 60% by 72 hours.


15. You will get pregnant when the guy withdraws his penis before ejaculation.

By Muthoni Wachira