tatoo1Insane is the fitting word. Some of these bizarre tattoo designs are baffling, such as the human belly branding, zipped-up inks and bizarre rainbow eyebrow tattoos.

More and more people are embracing tattoos. They enable individuals to express themselves artistically. Tattoos are becoming more acceptable within society, but there is a fine line between inventive and strange.

All of these are, to say the least, shocking. Some popular tattoo designs include anatomical, facial and celebrity portrait inks. These strange tattoos may look intriguing today, but not in 50 years.

And they are PERMANENT.

Even in the most unthinkable places, i.e. armpits, forehead, underneath the lip, tongue and even the eyeball, people still do this in the name of fashion.

Forget the tribal aspect of tattoos; it’s now a cultural issue. And the price they have to pay is the stares, as well as the lack of employment opportunities.

Image speaks a lot about someone so what does you tattoo say about you?

Bizarre outrageous tattoos



tatoo4By: Janiana Wangare