Remy Ma better watch out. Blac Chyna has declared that she now wants to be taken seriously. As a rapper of course. Are hip-hop fans ready for her? 

Blac Chyna started out as a video vixen. Yes, we all have a past and she is not excluded. But that was not her only hustle. Before rising on to become an entrepreneur, she had further worked as a stripper. Gotta make that moolah right?

The star left that life and even had a kid. King, her son, is 5 years old and is fathered by rapper Tyga. Blac Chyna’s life took the pop world by storm not so long ago. She got married to Rob Kardashian and in addition to that, she bore another angel. Dream Kardashian. Yoh, we can’t even talk about the drama that followed her.

Also, not forgetting the legal battles with the Kardashian sisters.

Blac has recently come out to say that she wants to rap. That’s right people. She even has a song that she recorded and furthermore, a snippet of it got leaked. How convenient right?

Blac Chyna says she doesn’t care about naysayers. However, she knows there will be plenty. She has been interviewed by XXL Magazine and this is what she had to say.