Four gunmen have shot 11 police officers – killing at least five – and may have planted a bombs ‘all over’ downtown Dallas.

The shootings came as thousands of people attended demonstrations against police brutality across America, with marches taking place in New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago and Washington DC, as well as in Louisiana and Minnesota – where Sterling and Castile were killed.

The coordinated shooters opened fire from ‘elevated positions’, picking off officers ‘ambush style’ as they manned a protest over the deaths of two black men, police chief David Brown said.
The 'coordinated' shooters opened fire from 'elevated positions', picking off officers 'ambush style'. Pictured, a police officer lies stricken next to cop cars
Dallas Police released an image of Hughes brandishing a rifle as he walked through the city carrying an assault rifle and wearing a camouflage shirt. The force tweeted: 'Please help us find him!'Tragic: Four cops have died, and three were earlier in a critical condition. Pictured an officer attends to an injured person