The Malava Boys' BLAZE Fest boot camp

The top 3 winner schools for last year’s Music Festivals, Friends Malava Boys’ Secondary school, Senende Boys’ High school and Moi Nairobi School earned themselves a golden visit from BLAZE by Safaricom.Alongside the Insyder and renowned music mentors, this was definitely something to look forward to. 10 of the best students carefully picked out by their musuic patrons and other school authority had the chance to give the mentors a the best they had in them,musically speaking. The students sang their hearts out the best pitches they knew how.

Given the sheer amount of talent displayed at each year’s edition of the Kenya Music Festivals, Blaze by Safariom felt that this provides them with the richest platform to discover, coach, mentor and unveil Kenya’s next Teen Superstar. Safaricom intends to embark on this project and bring even more value to the competition and the lives of its participants by among other things:

·  Offering superb mentorship from music and entertainment industry experts
·  Awarding Scholarships to exceptional performers
· Compensating the top music teachers
· Recording the performances of selected schools/ students in a professional studio
· Recording a professional music video for the best Teen Act as determined by Safaricom’s Blaze Team
· Promote selected performances on radio, TV and digital media.
·   Many more prizes and giveaways in form of merchandise i.e. t-shirts, hoodies, caps, bags etc.

Malava Boys’ finalists during the BLAZE Fest bootcamp

The great Humprey Kisia,a renowned vocal coach and composer graced the Malava and Senende Boys’ BLAZE Fest. Joyful songs, love songs,gospel songs, the boys did it all!They were definitely entertaining as well. Notable comments from Mr. Humphrey was that Malava Boys’ had good composers but slept on good performers while Senende Boys’ did not bring their A-game in composing.

Senende Boys’ present their own-composition piece to the BLAZE Fest mentors

At Moi Nairobi Girls’ (Quabbz), the musical David Isindu had a tough choice choosing the best five girls to compete in the finals as the girls sang heartfelt composition seemingly dedicated to the victims of their recent fire tragedy.

The Moi Nairobi Girls’ BLAZE Fest bootcamp

The top 5 winners of the boot camps will be battling it out at the #BLAZEFest finals where the winner will earn themselves a whooping recording of a professional music video. What!? We just cannot keep calm for the finals in April.

We wish them all nothing but good luck and happy singing!Who do you think will win this?