The Kenyan music industry is growing and increasingly producing new stars every day. The demand for fresh, new talent is growing by the day. However, the current generation of teeniez has failed to produce stars to satisfy their thirst for music and so opt for international teen musicians. To bridge this gap and promote local talent, Blaze has partnered with The Insyder to come up with BLAZE Fest.

BLAZE Fest was established in 2017 to identify and mentor exceptionally talented teeniez during the Kenya National Music Festivals. The program mainly targeted the students taking part in the Contemporary Category also known as Zilizopendwa. This category was a point of interest due to the fact that it offered participants the opportunity to come up with their own pieces and present them in a contemporary way. It’s an open and creative category that offered a perfect opportunity to identify exceptional talent.

The BLAZE sponsorship boosted the participation in this category and even raised the competitiveness of the same. This sought to identify the top three best schools who would then proceed to join the BLAZE Fest boot camp.

The Boot Camp

  1. 1st Season

The inaugural boot camp of the project which took place earlier this year saw three schools participate; Malava Boys, Moi Girls and Friends School Senende. Three finalists emerged from these three final schools who then went on to battle it out for the top spot. From Quabzz was Darmi Jarso, from Friends School Senende was Samuel Odanga and from Malava Boys was Hosea Baraza.

The three finalists went for a boot camp at Alliance High School where they got mentorship from top artists, music professionals and master producer Musyoka of Decimal Records. They were also taken through voice coaching and choreography lessons from some of the best artistic minds from the country.

After both the in-school and boot camp training, they finally got a chance to get into the studio and work with producer Musyoka. Using a makeshift studio Musyoka was able to record for them their songs and even shoot their music videos. The videos were then uploaded to all the Insyder Magazine social media pages for the fans to vote and choose the overall winner. After a two month period of voting, Darmi Jarso of Quabz emerged the winner with the most views and likes. She walked away with 50,000/= together with a recording contract from The Insyder Wave and two more tracks with Decimal Records.

2nd Season

This year we had four schools at the boot camp; Vihiga High School(No.1), Friends School Senende (No.2), and then there was a tie at number three between State Hous Girls and Eastleigh High School. Out of this, the lead judge, Musyoka, was able to pick out four finalists based on their talent and potential. The finalists were, Vanessa Akinyi-State House Girls, Emmanuel Kigen-Eastkeigh High School, Samuel Odanga-Friends School Senende and Alvin Ezra-Friends School Vihiga.

After a two day mentorship which saw even BLAZE mentor Fena Gitu make an appearance, they were finally able to get into the booths and test their vocals. Each finalist came up with their own lyrics before being fine-tuned by the lead producer, MSYOX. The following are the song titles: Emmanuel-BYOB, Alvin-Amazing, Sam-Don’t Let Go and Vanessa-You Said.


Thebattle isn’t over yet, as we must get an overall winner. The recorded VisualStories have been uploaded on all The Insyder Magazine’s social media platformsso that people can get to view and vote for their favorite contestants. These includeFacebook, Instagram, Youtube and Bout to Blow website. Fans are able to vote byviewing, liking and commenting on all the platforms. The voting process will beopen to everyone. The two week process will be transparent and fair. After thatthe winner will be chosen according to the number of views, likes and comments.Visit the following sites to watch the videos: The insyder channel on YouTube and BouttoBlow.theinsyder.com                                                                                                                                        

This is just amazing! So hurry and vote for your favorite contestant!


  • The winner will be able to record two more tracks courtesy of Decimal Records
  • A school fees scholarship worth Ksh. 50,000
  • A recording contract with The Insyder Wave.


Theinput that Blaze, The Insyder and Decimal Records has put in the program hasbeen really immense. The efforts to create a new generation of teen stars is nowmore realistic and achievable than ever before. In a competition that startedwith tens of thousands of students from across the country, we are now down tojust 4 finalists. The sweat, the challenges and the struggles they had to gothrough to emerge the finalists was also intense. Their journey is one that isvery unique and inspiring. Let us wait and see who will become our second BLAZEFest teen star!

Watch the BLAZE HUB journey to stardom video below: