Blaze in cooperation with the Insyder have been on the quest to help grow the teen talent in the country. The journey began in 2017 during the music festivals. The best performing schools in the ‘Zilizopendwa’ category were identified during the music festival nationals.

Fifteen students who performed exceptionally well were then selected for a boot camp. In the boot camp the selected students were mentored and taught all about music. The mentorship was not just any normal program, it was undertaken by some of the best acts in the industry like producer Eric Musyoka and Fena Gitu just to name but a few. Once the mentorship was done a knockout round to identify four students was undertaken.

The four students thus got to record and even shoot videos of their music. Every battle must have a winner, for the spirit of competition. After recording, their music was uploaded on various websites and a voting process was undertaken.


The winner was determined by who gathered the most votes from all the sites used in voting. The first edition saw Darmi Jarso from Moi Girls High School take the crown and a cash prize of 50,000 shillings worth of school fees.

Season two was no different. A number of four contestants made it to the final round. Vanessa from State house girls emerged the winner of the heavily contested prize. She managed to gather enough votes to ensure she walked away with the 50,000 shillings worth of school fees by Blaze.

Her crowning ceremony will be undertaken on Wednesday 30th January 2019 at the State House Girls High School.

Come ready to witness a star being born courtesy of Blaze, the youth network.