Thanks to BLAZE by Safaricom, it’s mentors and the Insyder fam, Darmi Jarso is a star. In an interview with The Insyder, Darmi described herself as a confident, talented, passionate, determined and team player kind of girl. Hailing from Quabbz, Darmi took the bold step of participating in the National Music Festivals in 2017. Her decision was driven by her passion for music and the dream to pass certain positive messages to her audience. She says, ” singing has been a dream for long.”

This 17 year old, who is in her final year of high school, reiterates that high school changed her life for the better. Apart from good education, high school is where she learnt that she had the ability to sing her heart out.

You might think that Darmi is only absorbed in music. Well, this song bird is also an amazing football player. Yeap. You read that right.

Her golden voice does not come easy. She spends some of her spare time practicing how to be better. As much as she has to study, she also has to train her voice. She explains that this happens to be her major challenge just like any other student who has got to find time to work on their talent while balancing school work. She says,” at times practice collides with class times; but I try to always find a balance.”

Her talent has brought her to an elevated phase in her life as she fights two other winners in top 3 positions for BLAZE Fest competition.

She hopes to emerge the winner and KES 50,000 worth of school fees. She would also like the opportunity to work with Eric Musyoka of Decimal Records and a management contract with The Insyder WAVE.

“I have the desire to sing my way to stardom and I hope that people will like my project with BLAZE’s mentor Musyoka,” she says.

BLAZE provided the participants of the Contemporary Music Category (Zilizopendwa) at the Kenya Music Festivals with mentors right from the Regional Level, all the way to the Nationals.

Darmi expresses her joy of beating thousands of other students nationally and emerging top 3.

Darmi composes songs as she draws inspiration from real life situations. It has so far driven her to write her first song, “Harmony” that she hopes will be loved by listeners who will potentially vote for her to win.

She plans to use her win to further prosper her music career.

Parents and teachers have been her biggest supporters. Musical competitions have on the other hand been her greatest driving factor.

We wish this lass all the best!