Samuel Odanga is a humble, patient, hardworking and polite 16 year old boy whose fate might be changed my BLAZE. The musically talented form 2 from Friends School Senende did not bloom in a day. He started singing in class 3 at the age of 9. His desire to succeed in music heavily influenced him to enter the Kenya National Music Festivals. While participating, he crossed paths with BLAZE Fests, and like the corny line says – the rest is history.

Of course, being a high school student and a wanna be musician is not easy. There’s studies that got to be worked on. Time management is his biggest challenge while trying to find time to balance books and music.

One decision that Sam will definitely not regret is taking part in the Contemporary Category of the Kenya National Music Festivals in 2017.

Inspiration from a choir trainer, Mr. Willis, gave him strength to emerge top 3 finalist in a quest to be the ultimate BLAZE Fest champion.

The Blaze Fests, seeks to nurture and mentor music talent during the National Music Festivals held across the country.

The final stage of the competition sees to it that the top 3 finalists go head to head to get a winner for the KES 50,000 worth of school fees up for grabs.

When asked by The Insyder to talk about his experience, Samuel describes his journey throughout the competition as fruitful. He is hopeful that he will emerge the winner.

Some of the weaknesses that Samuel kicked off with were his vocals which he says were described at not pleasant in the beginning. He has however grown through the mentorship he has received and is ready to share with other Blaze-ers his masterpiece with Musyoka.

He says, “the mentorship has greatly improved my confidence and singing prowess.”

In 5 years Samuel would love to be the greatest artist ever known. Quite ambitious by the young lad.

His word of advice to teeniez out there who want to be like him is, “no matter what you face in life, you should follow your musical career.”

Samuel spends his leisure time listening to R&B music where he also draws his song writing inspiration from. He also doesn’t forget to mention that his mother, and his school mates who have borne the brunt of his late night vocal training sessions.

We wish Samuel all the best in his competition to be the ultimate BLAZE Fest champion!