Everybody wants to be a scientist! This year’s third edition of the Young Scientists Kenya country wide tour did not disappoint. N.E.P Girls high school in Garissa country was the landing spot for all science enthusiasts.

Before we start of on the day’s activities here are some facts about Garissa county: Garissa is mostly inhabited by Muslims. The county also has the largest number of refugees, mostly who come in from Somalia to Dadaab refugee camp. Garissa being mostly Islamic populated does not allow encourage indulgence in alcohol and clubbing. A lot of tourist sites can be found in Garissa and the local food is really something to enjoy while there.

The Young Scientist Kenya program is an initiative aimed at developing the science talent and abilities in the country. The program is sponsored by Blaze by Safaricom. Blaze enables the youth and teens talents and abilities be known to the world by giving them the platform for self expression.

The Young Scientist Kenya program saw a number of schools participate: North Eastern Province Girls School, County High School, Tumaini Boys High school, Tetu Boys High School, Umu Salama High School, Yathrib Girls High School and Garissa High School.

The day started off with a talk from the heads of the Young Scientist Kenya association. There were also demonstrations about robotics from Engineeering students from Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology.

As the day progressed, the students were taken through mentor ship programs on various fields of science and technology. The reason for this was to urge them to push forward with their talents abilities and ambitions to become scientists in future.

Why work without rest? The students got a chance to engage with the Blaze and Insyder teams who were active on the ground.They were taken through various Blaze activities like silent disco, Virtual reality games and even science experiments.


Everyone is a winner with Blaze. The students who performed well in the challenges stood a chance to walk away with merchandise from Blaze. Be part of the countrywide journey by joining the Blaze movement. Isiolo, Kitui and Garissa have already been scientifically conquered By Blaze and YSK. Get ready as the Young Scientist Kenya program might just be coming to your town.