NAME: Jeff Kimani
ARTIST: Jeff Ki-Money
TRACK: Baller
REPPIN: The CornerBrook School

You can’t stop me even if you wanna
Look at me right now am a one man thunder
Niggaz call me awesome keep up with the flatters
Greatest B.Boy ever I fly and I ain’t got feathers
Balling like the future boy I can’t even count my figures
I can do this all night and day just the way it’s supposed to
Teeth made of gold, I smile, then I look at you
I’m flawsing you coping that’s why am fly and popping
Rolling in the deep boy this game ain’t about to be stopping
Tell you something about my haters wanna see me in a coffin
I’m shinning too much that’s why their jealousy ain’t stopping
Lil piece of nothing ain’t bigger than a goblin
Haters shouting loud but they ain’t louder than a lizard
I’m flier than Harry Porter and I ain’t even a wizard
Mary Christmas niggas what about Joseph Easter
I’ve been walking on gold till ma feet got blisters