The 6 year old is already hitting the boards with a bang!!At this age most of the kids are busy exploring different dolls and toys.The case is different for Blue ivy carter as she already has her own bodyguard,chef and a  personal stylist.

To add more sauce to her lifestyle,Blue Ivy is set to launch her own fragrance and clothing line.The million dollar princess caused an uproar on social media in the just concluded Grammy’s when she frantically and authoritatively shushed her parents as they clapped for Camila Cabello during her speech and created an internet buzz.

The pampered Blue Ivy has 16 employees and the chef has the most work trying to impress the six year old.Blue Ivy is not a normal eater as she calls the shots when it comes to what she eats.The Chef goes to the extent of preparing ballerina shaped pasta and pureed asparagus.Damn this is lavish!!

Blue’s nannies are on their toes effortlessly teaching her swahili,french and arts.This is quite impressive for a six year old as many kenyans try to jumble english and sidelining swahili,the six year old is busy trying to find her swahili right.

Blue Ivy depicts her level of independence as she also has a personal stylist Manuel Mendez who has been dressing her for the past 2 years.This man must have landed a major deal.Blue is seen as a trendy girl who will soon take over in the fashion industry.

A clear indication that Blue Ivy is her own boss.