Blue pills are becoming a very popular drug in today’s society. You thought that codeine is heavily being used, well guess again. Before we even go into why people are using them, what are blue pills?

For those who do not seem to know what blue pills are, Viagra is their other name. Viagra is a pill that is mostly used for patients with erectile dysfunction. This are circumstances where on cannot keep an erect penis for sexual activity.

Ever since people discovered that the use of blue pills helps them last longer in bed it has become an everyday habit. People do not just use the drug, they abuse it. According to statistics gotten from local chemists in Kenya, 300 blue pills are sold from Thursday to Sunday evening. Why so many pills and what is the main reason people use these tablets?

Most of the reasons for the use of these tablets is the abuse of alcohol and drugs. It has been highly proven that people who engage in alcoholism and drug abuse tend to get erectile dysfunction. Most of the people do not know that alcohol affects their reproductive systems until they are victims.

Another problem is men want to be seen as guru’s in bed. Why the hell would want to do more than they already can? Men mostly would like to prove themselves worthy to women they meet the first time. The problem comes in when once you give a woman a good time she will always expect that.

Do these drugs have effects on the human body? Ever felt that you have a headache that is not going away? Well probably you are on Viagra pills. Or maybe not! But truth be told is most people who use Viagra for long periods of time tend to experience serious headaches. The notion makes sense because imagine using as much energy on a lady as a steam engine.


Another effect of the use of blue pills is hypertension. This is high blood pressure in simpler terms. The problems with Viagra is that blood needs to be pumped really fast in and out of the body. Other than the normal flow of blood, it is pumped more than three times faster in and out of the heart.This might even lead to death due to heart failure. Heart failure is the immediate stopping of heart functions.

The other Viagra related problem is prostrate cancer. Anything that deals with the sexual organs has to also cause a disease in the area. Viagra is a tablet that is chemical in nature and that if taken in excess can cause cancer. With prostrate cancer how will you even deal with bedroom matters? Think about it living without some part of your life.

Viagra is a bit too dangerous to be used at a young age so avoid it if possible.