Woop woop it’s that time of year again for the annual Jameson Live Party. This time around, it’s American rapper B.o.B’s turn to entertain Kenyans. If you still doubting this then you better believe!


B.o.B Jameson Live Party 2015

1. Name:

What does B.o.B mean? Bobby Ray told Australia’s “Hit List TV,” “My name is Bob and I just wanted to make it more artistically creative with the periods.” He told “Bandwagon TV, “It just looks sexy.” It’s open for interpretation he joked in another interview…”B.o.B – breaking over barriers, books over bullets, there’s never been one better,” he said. The story is Bobby Ray thinks his name is “country”, so he was trying to come up with something cool when an MC from the Bay Area saw him outside of a club and yelled, “B-O-B what’s up man.” “This got a ring to it. This just might work,” Bob thought. B.o.B was just an acronym and when they did finally give it meaning, other than Bob, Bobby Ray said he grew tired of having to say it in every interview. He re-introduced Bobby Ray to his fans with the 2010 release of B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray. “I started out as B.o.B and wanted to introduce myself like, ‘Hi I’m Bobby Ray'”, he told Tim Westwood TV. B.o.B says he is comfortable with whatever his fans want to call him.

2. How B.O.B got his start:

B.O.B attributes his start in music to his parents. His father brought home a trumpet and told him he could only play it if he got all A’s in school. His parents also gave him his first keyboard. In 2006, B.O.B was about 18 years old when manager, B Rich, helped sneak him into T.I.’s Club Crucial to hook up with TJ Chapman. And, the story goes, a month later he was signed with Atlantic.

3. Motivation:

B.o.B. says his intention is never to tell a sob story but a motivational story about what drives him. “Everywhere I go they be asking my motivation, I say it’s you momma,” he raps. In more than a few interviews, B.o.B laments that his house wasn’t really a house. It’s hard to imagine, but he says his house didn’t have doors or windows. “One Day” is the first song he did about how he grew up and the struggles his family endured. B.o.B says he stays motivated by finding a deeper purpose in what he is doing. “You’re doing the same songs every night, so the thing that keeps you going, developing your craft, and enjoying it is finding a deeper meaning,” he told Gag Order TV on Youtube.

4. Musical influence and inspiration:

B.o.B is influenced by artists who have a defined style. These artists include T.I., Ludacris, Outkast, Goodie Mob, Nas, DMX, and Eminem. He says he learned how to rap from DMX and how to flow from Eminem. Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, Zeus, Kevin Gates, Wocka Flocka, Two Chainz, Coldplay and the Gorillaz have also been mentioned in interviews when B.o.B is asked about artists who inspire him.

5. The first thing B.o.B bought after his first big single?

A house. He told Upscale Hype he never had a house or a car. “I was just living however I could get it,” he said.

B.o.B writes a lot of his own material and is often asked about his creative process. His advice is to let it come to you how it comes. Are you an aspiring singer, song writer, rapper or musician? In a 2013 interview with MONTREALITY, B.o.B was asked about his message to the youth:

“Do you. Do something productive. Take your energy and your time and put it into something that is going to get you somewhere. Have fun. I had fun. I partied but I also worked hard. To each his own and don’t be afraid to walk the path that you know you are supposed to walk. Regardless of how many people are telling you to do it or not to do it, you are the one that got to live with the choice. So choose wisely.”


Source; AXS

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