Bob Collymore‘s  weekend nuptials have been the talk of the week. Everyone was stunned not only because he was marrying again, but also because most didn’t even know he was previously divorced.

However one this stood out in all these conversations on social media about his wife. THE SHEER SHALLOWNESS OF PEOPLE.

It was appalling to see some women taking digs at Wambui Wamae, simply for marrying one of the wealthiest men in Kenya.

No one took the time to get to know her, not just as Bob’s wife, but as an individual

The amount of diatribe Kenyans have unleashed simply because Bob Collymore fell in love with and married a Kikuyu woman has been mortifying. It tells a lot about the Kenyan people.

Wambui, who is an installation artist, and owns an art gallery called Art Space, just released her latest project….



Could this be a message for all the people who have stereotyped and attacked her for marrying Bob? Watch the video below

The art installation intends to explore the reasons for some of the tribal stereotypes we have as a nation