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As Bobby Brown maintains a vigil by his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s bedside following her hospitalization Saturday, there is one thing his lawyer would like to clear up: Bobbi Kristina and her “husband” Nick Gordon are not actually married. Despite the fact she announced to the world that she had wed Gordon last January and has since referred to him as her “incredible husband,” “Bobbi Kristina is not and has never been married to Nick Gordon,” Bobby Brown’s lawyer says in a statement to PEOPLE.

This announcement comes just three days after Gordon – whose relationship with the 21-year-old has long raised eyebrows – and a friend found Bobbi Kristina unconscious in a bathtub at her Roswell, Georgia, home.

There are many questions still unanswered about what happened that morning and Bobby Brown’s lawyer, Christopher Brown of Brown & Rosen, says his office is “currently investigating the events that led to the hospitalization of Bobbi Kristina.”