“Yes, I am saved,” Bobby Mapesa , has now joined the gospel sector.

You all know him. He featured in Nonini’s song ‘Mtoto Mzuri’ that hit the entertainment scene r in Kenya by storm.

This song brought so much beef between the two musicians and it has never been solved.

“He (Nonini) owes me almost Sh3 million from that song, and he knows it. I made that song popular and all his perceived wealth is from Mtoto Mzuri. By the way, he should upgrade from the Toyota he has been driving for the longest time possible,” says Bobby.

Although he is saved. He still has his old habits.

Anyway … back to the basics.

A couple of secular musicians here in Kenya have converted in the recent years .

Bobby has an upcoming hit song called ‘Nisamehe’ which will be released before the year ends.

He says that the song is a proclamation of his conversion to Christ. The rapper also says that he has always been saved ,only that man always backslides or is derailed once in a while in his life.

The converted rapper says that he has so much to praise God for . He also adds ,” I am at a period when I only get to praise Him. Most of my friends are either dead, or in Kamiti. I have a purpose, and He is working through my talent,”

He hopes that one day he will record a song with Mercy Masika.

He says that he loves her voice.

It hurts me to see artistes do gospel music just to get on the chart and get women. I do it because I am inspired to do gospel songs. I do not need to build a name. I have one….” he says.


Who will be next ?