While the whole country was joyfully celebrating the day of love, a man’s life was tragically ending somewhere.
Bomet residents woke up to shocking news of a lovers tiff gone terribly wrong. Police are looking for a middle-aged woman who fatally stabbed her boyfriend after an argument ensued between the pair.
According to edaily, the woman, reported to have lived with the now-deceased for ten years, took off after allegedly committing the crime at their Makenji estate home in Chebunyo trading centre, Chepalungu Sub-County.
Andrew Soy, a neighbor to the deceased, said he heard commotion coming from the pair’s house at 11pm after the two had just returned from a drinking spree. The witness says the couple engaged in an ugly fight, which resulted into the woman reaching out for a kitchen knife and stabbing the now-deceased on his left shoulder. 

The cause of the vicious fight remains unknown. The victim, who suffered a deep cut, bled to death before neighbors could arrive at the scene.

RIP to the victim and condolences to his family

Source: eDaily