Harmonize has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately and we cannot help but indulge ourselves. His love life seems to be a tough mountain to climb off late.

First, it was  the nasty rumours of his girlfriend Sara sleeping with Diamond Platnumz’s bodyguard and now it is the case of the ex.

Bongo star Harmonize is caught in a love battle between his ex girlfriend Wolper Stylish and his current girlfriend Sara.

According to a Tanzanian blog, the drama began when Sarah exposed a personal message from Jackline Wolper to Harmonize via Instagram DM lamenting how she is still pained by the break up and misses the WCB star.

Even after exposing the message, Sara had more to deal with from Wolper. Wolper sent Harmonize another video reminiscing their time together and wrote, “zinaniuma sana na najuta kupita kiasi. Nablock kila anayepost.

Sara, Harmonize’s current girlfriend posted the pictures and wrote, ““desperate girl u dm my baby yesterday @harmonize_tz and you speak alone. Live u life baby @wolperstylish.”

In turn, Wolper responded by throwing shade using a Nicki Minaj classic comeback video with the caption, “#confidenceisthebestoutfitrockitandownit”

And now she seems to have stop fighting with Harmonize’s girlfriend Wolper by declaring her silence on this recent post.



Alleged screenshot of Wolper’s message to Sara

Wolper and Harmonize had been dating for a while before she was replaced by Sara who has been spotted latley with the Bongo Star’s mom touring Tanzania together.

We take this drama as a warning to not holla at her man Harmonize lest we end up in Wolper’s position.