Netizens have this morning turned the photo of Boniface Mwangi’s broken down Mercedes Benz into a meme about the current state of our economy.

Yesterday, Tuesday, March 7, the activist posted photos of his broken down vehicle while describing how the vehicle ended up on a flatbed truck. According to Mr. Mwangi, his luxury German vehicle developed mechanical issues as he was driving along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway.

That was yesterday.

Today, it seems the photo of the 6 or so mechanics huddled around the hood of his car has become a meme about the delipidated state of the Kenyan economy. Famous economist, Wehliye Mohammed posted on socials today commenting, “SC Ahmed Nasir and the KK admin trying to figure out how to run the government!”

Do you think this aptly describes how Kenya Kwanza is running the government?