It’s a TBT Thursday once again and almost weekend. The events of the week have completely drained you and what better way to reenergize your batteries than by watching some classic movies. The Insyder plug recommends the following classic films to help you unwind and usher in the weekend in style.

  1. Starstruck
Disney’s Teen Movie Starstruck

This 2010 film features a young girl who travels to Los Angeles to visit her grandparents as her sister tries to pull out all the stops to meet her idol. She meets the Hollywood pop star and goes on a trip around LA with him. The film takes a sudden turn when the guy rejects meeting and knowing her on national TV despite them beginning to like each other. If you are a fan of teen rom-com then this is the movie for you to watch and re-watch again and again.

  1. Suicide squad
Suicide Squad

Who doesn’t love a Harley Quinn and Joker movie especially if it is DC production? This superhero movie first premiered in 2016. The storyline in the film depicts a secret government agency that uses imprisoned supervillains to take part in dangerous operations to save the world and gain reduced sentences. the action in the movie will leave you eager to watch the sequel that comes out late next year.

  1. The Duff
The Teen Comedy Film, The DUFF

This American teen comedy film premiered in 2015. It elaborates on the journey of young Bianca who tries to turn her life around after finding out that she is less popular and that people only talk to her to get close to Jess and Casey who are her friends. The journey that incorporates her neighbor, Wesley, leads to a great adventure as the young girl searches for true friends.


No matter the genre you love, unwinding the week with past movies is worth it. It will keep you stress-free and uplift your moods for the weekend.