Hey girl, you have been checking out that cool dude and decided to test the waters. Probably because he’s smart in Physics or he has a killer smile. Maybe he has the coolest dancing moves and all girls go Gaga when they see him during funkiez. You may be at crossroads considering the fact that you are a student who also needs to post good grades. What’s important for you, is to strike a balance between that charming guy and your books so that neither side will remain unattended. Here’s how to go about it:

Bonding Time

The best time to bond with your boyfriend is during your free time. Do not overlook your study time in order to concentrate more on your boyfriend. If you are in the same school, you may hang out during games or short breaks. That way you kill two birds with one stone. If you are in different schools, you could plan to meet during school funkiez or during school holidays.

Prioritize school work

Give your school work the first priority. Strive at achieving good grades instead of paying too much attention to your boyfriend. Chances are you may not end up together, it may turn out to be a high school fling which may end in tears. Another possibility is that the relationship may flourish, whichever the case you still need to work on yourself and get good grades.


Keep in touch on necessary matters only

Highschool relationships are volatile while at the same time very sensitive. You wouldn’t want to go beyond a certain level therefore make sure that you grow a healthy relationship, abstain from sex and limit your interactions from going overboard. If it’s writing letters, I would advise not more than five a term, this way you get to concentrate more on your studies.