Well “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, it’s better than yours” but holding up our goodies together is one hell of a problem only a lady could relate to.bra2

1.You will always either have that weird gap where more boob should go or that spillover where too much boob doesn’t know where to go. Shouldn’t there be an in between where, you know, they’re just chilling in there?

2.Having no literally no idea how often you’re suppose to wash it. just by smelling your bra it definately gives you the green light whether to wash it.

3.strapless bras, LOL. If i start listing how strapless bras fail women in every way, I’ll end up writing a book about it.

4.Is there any bra that doesn’t show through your clothes. lacy ones? hell yeah, grandma ones?  sometimes they do show , these bras are not a woman’s cup of tea.

5.When you’re reading about how often you should change your bra while you’re wearing a bra that feels like 5 years and the rest that are in you closet, it feels like your letting your “milkshakes” downbra3

6.When your favourite bra loses its elasticity or pops a wire its comforting to have something firm on you and feels so comfortable you wear it every time your out, however it can suck when you know that ‘favourite bra’ is not the same againbra1

7.The primal need to rip it off your body the second you get home the feeling truly is relieving, it’s like heaven in a scoop.

by: Nana