Brazil-vs-Croatia score

The Brazilian striker, like others before him — will forever be labeled a fake, a dishonest player in the eyes of many around the world (But he still remains my favorite). In Croatia, this 30 year old man already has a price on his head… (Am just saying)

But for a nation desperate for an eventual 3-1 World Cup win, he’s a hero.

Now then, that doesn’t mean everyone here in Salvador thinks it was legit.

Brazil v Croatia: Group A - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

You guy……you checked out Fred’s own manager????? This guy Luiz Felipe Scolari, insisted it was a spot kick, one that changed the entire game plan for a match that looked destined for a draw.
“The ref saw a penalty,” Scolari said after the match. “And we think it was a penalty as well.”
It wasn’t….go home…too bad

But what does Fred decide to do????

He goes to ground. This guy hits the surface as if he’s been mugged in a Brazilian fever if not the samba party hang over…….

They say when the going gets tough; you brace yourself for a rough bumpy ride…… which is what he did after Neymar potted the eventual penalty-kick winner.

brazil-croatia6But that doesn’t remove the referee from the fire……..

You can only imagine how he felt when he saw he’d been conned by a master of exergerations

In saying that, Croatia’s head coach Niko Kovac’s allegations of favoritism towards the hosts were as cheap as some chapo madondo I normally have for lunch (si this lunch fikas…..)

brazil-croatia-2Replay is a beautiful thing. It gives us all a bird’s-eye view of every play, from every angle. It allows us to get almost every call right…gives you that little time to atleast shine…
However, the game is different. It’s faster. A referee’s view is obscured by players.
At one point, Croatia’s Luka Modric appeared to be slightly in the path between referee Nishimura and the players that became entangled — Fred and Croatian defender Dejan Lovren (FIGHT…FIGHT…FIGHT…FIGHT!!!!!!)

brazil-croatia3Based on that, one could argue that Nishimura (This ref has a very complicated name…) shouldn’t have pointed to the spot if he was partially blinded by traffic.

But it’s a split-second decision, as fast as a blink of the eye.

“Humans cannot see (the play) three or four times in less than one second,” FIFA head of Refereeing Massimo Busacca said Friday.brazil-croatia-10

Moving on, Lovren did have his right arm wrapped around Fred’s right arm for a split second while his left hand briefly grabbed Fred’s left shoulder.brazil-croatia-9With his back to goal, Fred didn’t have many options. So he took a chance, hurling himself backwards in an effort to game Nishimura.

brazil-croatia4And it worked (victory can’t be any sweeter).

But was it preventable? Maybe (that’s according to me and my juju master).

brazil-croatia-8Looking back at replays from three different angles — isn’t replay wonderful? – The ref had the worst look at the play. Basically this dude couldn’t see exactly how much force Lovren, who undeniably made contact, used when he briefly placed both of his hands on the Brazilian striker.

brazil-vs-croatia1So I sit again and watch the replay….this time round the whole game…..I just couldn’t resist the adrenaline rush that comes with that 1st own goal…..Marcelo…nice name…but my chiwawa has a better one (no pun intended…isn’t Musking a better name?????)

FBL-WC-2014-MATCH01-BRA-CROThen the most unfortunate thing, these Croatia burgers thought their day to busk in the sun had checked in….little had they known that Samba was just about to start…..(it started, the game ended at 3:1)
Anyway, so now Croatia lost…while still thinking they won (these dudes be daft).

MarceloEventually….it was a done deal…truth be told….kids who started watching soccer as long as when Baba came back from the states would argue that Brazil’s game is not yet to standard and like they wont be lifting the cup at the end of this season…….but the truth of the matter still remains that Brazil is one of those legends who will always be there….come rain come sunshine…watch this space…

Lesson learnt…..Dont dare joke with Brazil…and secondly… (I need to grab my remote)….coz, as I said, replay is a beautiful thing.

By Brian