“The youth are the future of any nation”. As true as this is, if you look around you will realize that there is no one guiding this potentially great but sensitive generation. We as the youth have taken the world and made it work for us. The “millennials” are exposed, hungry for success and willing to put in the work to make a living.

Bosom friend and former classmate to President Uhuru Kenyatta, Bruce Odhiambo is on the spot for presiding over a multi-billion scandal under the Devolution and Planning Ministry.

Bruce is at the center of disappearance of KSh 180 million from the Youth Enterprise Fund in which he is accused of sacking a whistle-blower.

UNILATERAL: Youth Fund chairman Bruce Odhiambo at the Affirmative Fund press conference on January 8.Photo/Enos Teche

As the scandal came to light on Wednesday,March 2, twitter users called for the arrest of Bruce Odhiambo in protest of rife corruption in government.

We, as the teeniez and youth voice, are appalled by this scandal. How can such fraud be taken so lightly, how can a mother deny her child food-yes! this is the best analogy that comes to mind.

He is answerable to the Kenyan youth and should provide adequate information and explanations concerning the alleged loss of Sh180 million youth fund.

When he was appointed the head of youth fund by President Kenyatta, youth put their trust in him.

Bruce, you seem to have forgotten your humble beginnings from Jericho, to being a successful musician/actor. I am sure you can remember how hard you worked to make your life better.

So how dare you deny our beloved youth , the chance to make a great success of themselves??!

Your ties with President Uhuru cannot play a part is “saving you”

We have had it with all these numerous corruption scandals. This one though, has taken it too far.