Police are following leads hat suggest Bungoma county Assembly’s Jubilee Chief Whip Bethwel Mwambu staged his own abduction after learning he was about to be arrested.

bethwel mwambu

Bethwel Mwambu went missing on the night of Tuesday,March, 15  in his Mbakalu ward, Bungoma county only to be found later unconscious by the roadside near the Kenya-Uganda border.

However, it has emerged that on the same day that the MCA went missing, he spent the night at a high end hotel in the county together with Musikoma ward MCA Edward Simiyu.

Clearly there is something very weird about the whole situation

Problems first started when Bethewel accompanied by some locals ganged up to stop a crackdown on illicit brew within his ward.

The disruptions that ensued were characterized by destruction of property which triggered a warrant of arrest for the organizer, one Mr Bethwel Mwambu.

He allegedly hatched a plan to escape and that’s when he came up with this ingenious way to do it, fake is own abduction.

Mwambu is reported to be quite dramatic as he is said to have stolen items belonging to a female colleague while touring Spain on a trip organised by the Bungoma county.

Source: The Star