Burna Boy is a Nigerian artist who has been hitting for the last few years. He is known for his hits such as tonight and yawa dey. The 25 year old reggae and dancehall crooner was all set for a performance that went down at Privee in westlands.
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Well well, today morning, the singer is hot on the lips of everyone today, and not even because of his performance, but because of an outburst he had online. Kenyans on twitter, better known as KOT took shots at the artist for having diva behavior and on top of that, having a horrible performance.

And Burna Boy did not taking this lying down and has been taking shots right back at the guys who have been tweeting him eventually resorting to calling his Kenyan fans peasants.

burna boy takes shots at anto neosoul

burna boy disses his kenyan fans

burna boy insults his fans

As you can tell from the screenshots above, Burna has taken serious digs at Kenyans and needless to say we are not amused. Even after all this he left fans disappointed after showing up for his performance in the wee hours of the morning.

When he checked into the venue, the hit maker looked a bit intoxicated and even after the performance, he had no time to mingle with the fans; neither was he remorseful about his late arrival.

If you care to watch some of his performance, you can check it out below.