Bilha Njoki and her husband Joseph Muraya were happily married in 2007, but that was not meant to last forever.

The couple who separated last year must have some deep sited issues, those enough for Bilha to make an elaborate plan to murder her estranged husband.

According to various sources the ‘black widow’ hired a hit man-who happend to be a CID officer.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations officers in Buruburu pretended to be the hitmen and contacted Bilha who it was established had even bought a new phone and line for the’ mission’

Here comes the sickest part of this story

The undercover officers informed Bilha that Joseph had been killed and dumped in Dandora. She sent her brother Peter Gakungi and a friend Jimmy Waititu. When the two got on the scene they were shown a lying Joseph who had’ blood spilled’ over him. It is reported that the two men celebrated and called Bilha to inform her of her former husband’s ‘death’.

Seems like a scene from a Hollywood movie yeah?

It is said that Bilha wanted to finish off Joseph to be able to acquire all of the couples property.

Yoh! it’s never that serious!

Source: Saturday Nation

Photo Credit: Nairobi News