Bush opens 2018 was  on an inclined level this year. It took place at Alliance high school on 27th and 28th January 2018.With over 100 schools taking part in the sports, it was bigger and better.

Teams were all set in their gears and ready to record the best scores. Some of the sports that the teams engaged in were basketball,football, lawn tennis,hockey,volleyball among many others.

Bush opens has always been the illest tournament of all time as it brings together teams from every part of the region. Schools came in large buses ,lively participants and enlightened hope to take victory home.

According to the organizers of the Bush opens it wasn’t an easy road for them as they had to look for sponsors to come in and offer sponsorship.
However this did not kill their spirit as they were determined to make it a success. The organizing committee of bush tournament was focused to ensure that everything falls into place at the right time. One of their biggest fear was holding the tournament on the same day with Changez which happens to be a friend school. This was a catch as they were not so certain if most schools would show up in their tournament. Indeed tough situations don’t last but tough people do. Through prayers and hope they believed in their tournament and it bore great fruits.
Bush opens got people psyched up as the entertainment bit was also largely catered for. Popular artists such as Kaka Empire’s  Pascal Tokodi and Femi one who gave electric performances in Day 1.

Pascal Tokodi, beloved by the girls,sings his heart out.

Day 2 of the #BushOpens was graced by  Maxxmusic 254 and Kidwilly who gave a good show.

Femi One delivers an eclectic performance at the Bush opens 2018

This attracted fans as they sang along to the music and danced to the tunes.
Some of the schools that took trophies home are St. Peters Mumias Boys High School for emerging the best in Rugby. St. Mary’s Girls’ School were proud winners of the netball category.

Hospital Hill High School emerged the best as well in football which was a very tight game.

Speaking to some of the game captains of various teams it took them great effort to ensure that they took victory home.

Joy was clearly displayed on their faces as their effort had paid off. Insyder took pride is the edutainment sector through distribution of the popular magazine, the Insyder.

It’s evident that bush tournament was a success.