butt_stabber_by_otis123-d6rbjq3Boys will always be boys, it appears.

We must admit; we all love the attention and the heads turning coming our way from them. However, it’s bad enough when they try to touch, let alone grab. Or stab?! *OMG*

A man in China stabbed a woman’s butt out of anger. It would have been more common if it was a fetish, (though not any less disturbing and horrific), but what could possibly lead to that amount of anger? He must have been pretty pissed, as pissed as a man can get.

butt_stabber_id_by_caitynak-d74365yButt but still, it’s not any less of an excuse.

The story is the least of our concerns; we hope that the lady is fine now and that the whole issue is resolved. Health issues aside, it’s unfortunate that the man’s regard and sense of respect for women had to be seen through this whole ordeal.

Let us hope that it is the last we shall hear of such a case in China.