Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, is having the time of her life; having felt like a woman her whole life, she recently underwent a transformation that effectively killed the character that we had all come to know as Olympic champion Bruce Jenner.

However, despite all those feelings of happiness, she is said to be hurt by the decision of her first four children to refuse to appear in her new reality show. The reason for this decision is that they disagree with how the E! network will handle the whole thing.

“You go on E!’s website, the Bunim/Murray website, and you look at all the shows, every one of them is a circus,” Brandon Jenner said.  “With Bunim/Murray and E!, it’s been the opposite of inspiration. Oh my God, we’re diving into the lion’s den — they’re gonna make a show about the Jenners versus the Kardashians.”

With all that is going on you can’t help but agree with Brandon; the world is craving for an insight into how Caitlyn and her family are adjusting to the transformation, and one can’t see how E! are going to pass up on commercializing the whole thing.

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Doug L Fresh