” Mom, there is this chick I like” is not a statement most of us would find ourselves saying; fearing?the answer or reaction

…and for the few who did then, it was with mixed feelings.?. Well,this is not a new thing and for those who thought ? they are alone then guess what? You are not?! Most of us go by our relationships? without our parents knowing and we feel comfortable to let them know of their existence probably at the age of 21.

This mindset has been brought about by by our African ? culture where  young relationships were unheard of? and our parents have certainly borrowed a thing or two ✌  from that.
The other day I dared? to tell my mother about it just to see what she would have to say and here’s how it went down.


Me:    Mom did you have a boyfriend when you were in high-school?

Mom:  No,  I always focused on my studies?.
Me:     And what did you score in school?
Mom: That’s besides the point. What do you want to tell me?
Me:     ???Well, there is this chick I like?
Mom:  …eeh? Ni waschana tu unafikiria hakuna kitu ingine unaeza fikiria?

That went well. Atleast, no flipflop landed on my back. Our conversation is defintely not how it goes on the movies  ?  and television  ?  shows where the kids are open ?  to their parents about such matters and some in return even even give tips on how to keep up.

This trend will continue to be there but only in our generation because in the next,we are the parents.Let us see how that turns out.
So long peeps! See you in parenthood. ?


By Eric Damien
Hospital Hill High