The students of Caring Hearts High School in Nguluni, Kenya pose with the School Matron

– A teacher has released a video of his colleagues torturing student in at Kaveye Girls’ High School in Vihiga county. He said caning is rampant in the school and the children are helpless

– The teacher accused the school principal of permitting his colleagues to cane the girls for various reasons, including failing in exams. The act is illegal as corporal punishment was banned in Kenya in 2001

A secondary school teacher a released a video recording of students’ suffering in the hands of fellow teachers.

In the video recorded in late 2015, at least five teachers at Kaveye Girls’ High School in Vihiga county are seen taking turns to cane the girls.

“I took it because I thought one day I can be their voice. But I was caught between keeping quiet but I realised I had to let the authorities know what is happening here. This year it also did not stop, I have decided to let it out now,”said the teacher as published by Capital FM on Wednesday, February 23.

The teacher said caning is rampant in the school but the students could not do anything about is as they were being threatened with expulsion from the institution.

He added that his colleague got the permission to torture the girls from the school headteacher. Most them are caned for failing to meet the headteacher’ expected standards in examinations, he said.

“They can be caned by about 10 or 15 teachers and each is doing three canes each. That is about 45 canes on someone’s daughter, it is heartbreaking,” he said.

in Kenya, caning in schools and other forms of corporal punishments were outlawed through a gazette notice dated March 13. The legal notice was issued by the then education minister Kalonzo Musyoka.

Warning, the video may be disturbing to some. Find it below

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