Cardi B is surely on her A game which is becoming too much for Nicky Minaj to handle.The fact that Cardi got a grammy nomination before the Barbie Princess proves that dear old nicky needs to make way for the new queen of rap!

Cardi first and foremost describes herself as a feminist.A feminist to her is basically doing what a man can do.Cardi B has come tops in music charts and doing what men can do better.She further criticizes that its not only the educated ,epitomes of Mitchelle Obama who can be feminists but she too is one.

Cardi can finesse and hustle.Hmmm… Cardi has come from being a stripper to the next big thing in the rap game.Cardi has a flash back when she was a stripper and remembers poignantly how disgusting it was.When she did it for the first time,she says she could hear the voice of her parents at the back of her head. More so,the  heavy man breath on her skin as she gave them lap dances gives her nightmares.All in all , she had to fake it till she made it.

Cardi has really worked her ” ass out” to get to the top.Nicky Minaj was who she looked up to but not anymore.Nicky was not supportive of Cardi and only wanted to sabotage her successful career before it started.

“What happened to Nicky empowering women?Was it a publicity stunt?”

Anyway,Cardi is here to stay Nicky,grow hot and cold in turns but it is fate.Cardi from Bodak yellow,No limit ,Finesse to Motor sport we want to get more from Cardi.If nobody has said this to you yet ,well let me say it, “You were born for this crown,its fate.”

By Brianas Njoroge