My mother always said, “son never embarrass me by doing some things on this earth.” These are some of the very many warnings she always gave me. I came to realise that she was talking about careers. The reason she gave this lecture is some careers in today’s society were unheard of.

The only careers that were respectable in those days were quite few. Doctors were the most respected people in those days. To be a doctor it meant people would never die around you.Doctors were respected and at times roads washed by the community when they passed. Witch doctors were the baddest in this category.

Pastors were also really respected in society. How does being a pastor even become a career? I thought it was a calling from heaven for one person. Oh well who am I to judge. Pastors would even get houses and cars from the community, how cool does it get.


Another group of people that were given all the respect in the world were teachers. Teachers were allowed to even come home to snitch on students to their parents while having tea. If worse got to worst teachers would be handed the notorious students to adopt them for discipline. This was short lived as students would return home streamlined and even have ambitions of becoming teachers.

Now onto the forbidden careers. Deejaying was one of the most unheard of careers. If my mother ever heard me saying I want to be a DJ she would beat all the demons out of my head. What I never understood was why she hated the career and people are minting money out of it now. In the olden days Deejays were associated with all the wrong thing from drug abuse to stealing people’s girlfriend with the use of music. These days deejaying has become one of the most lucrative businesses. DJs land even up to a million shillings per month.

Another career i was warned about was becoming a musician. My mother never understood how one could just sing and make money out of it. Musicians in those days had other businesses and music was part of their second job. Imagine one being a farmer by day and an artist by night, that was my mother’s definition of musician. In today’s society music is paying so much as a single hustle than even becoming a doctor. That is if only you have the talent to make crowds go wild, not bathroom records artists.

Photography was another career my mom warned me about. Photographers in those days were known to make people happy only during Christmas time. Everyone would gather around during that time and get a really good photo from a photographer that went round the whole village. Photographers are now making money each and every hour from the digital world. People are always on Instagram and want photos to keep their followers happy, who else better to save the day than a photographer.

Journalism was also never a career that my mother would advocate for. I actually had to convince her for the longest time possible to ensure she allowed me to become a journalist. My mother always stated that journalism was for pretty ladies ladies only. Journalism is the most sort out for career in today’s society. This is because journalists are the most outspoken people in society. Media rights have enhanced the career and now journalists are making money crazier than bankers, okay not on an ordinary scale.

Careers these days are more advanced and those looked down upon are now making good money. Success is not based on a certain career these days it is the zeal one puts into it.