Diddy and Cassie have reportedly split up , following a fight that involved the cops.

The breakup apparently took place on Wednesday and was precipitated by Cassie, who had a visit from the police after the music mogul took her phone.

The couple went their separate ways after Cassie told Diddy in a car that she was done dating him. The singer and entrepreneur was supposedly angered and grabbed Cassie’s phone to seemingly get clues as to why she suddenly wanted to split up.

Diddy, according to TMZ, hopped out of their chauffeur-driven car in Beverly Hills with her phone, and Cassie pulled away without him.

After Cassie related to her mom what had happened, reports the site, her mother called the police on Diddy, who still had the phone. In the interim, Diddy returned home with Cassie’s phone before taking off again. When the cops arrived, Cassie said she got her phone back, but the police took down a domestic incident report.