Long Live P-square! ‘Taste The Money’ Video

If you want to be "Allergic to Poverty" and you want to give "TESTIMONY" you have to be jamming to this this hit song right away.

Why Sauti Sol unleashed ‘Nishike’ video

It’s a band that first came with a jam that we all loved. Jana usiku was an instant hit song! A song that was simple and catchy....

Prezzo Drops New Vid For “My Gal” Vera Stars in Racy Bikini

Prezzo recently dropped the video for the single "My Girl" off his forthcoming album "Rapcellency." What caught our attention though was Vera, in a really steamy bikini...

Teen Gospel Artistes

They are young, energetic and very good looking if we may say. They have at their tender age managed to take over the gospel music industry and put the more seasoned artists to test and also gave them a run for their money. Thier fresh talent is much welcomed by guys and their creativity goes a long way in making all thier singles hits on the first release.Meet Hope Kid, Bahati, Mr.Seed, Willy Paul and Master Piece. Let’s start with the youngest.

Artiste Comebacks

They say that music is a universal language, that anyone and everyone can understand it. Musicians make all this happen and we enjoy every minute of it. But what happens when your favourite musicians take a break? No more singles from them every month; no music videos to look out for from them.

Hivo Ndio Kunaendaga Lyrics

Hivo Ndio Kunaendaga
By Majirani, KenRazy, V-sita

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