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Now ever since the legitimate leader Osama left us. I guess you guys be the best replacement of terrorists lol! Your mag is just the BOMB!!!

Strictly Siz

I have been dating this dude for around 5 months now and at times I don’t understand him or what he wants. All I need is a couple of guidelines: to know what’s right or wrong, what I can say or what I can keep to myself.

Slang Corner

Collard greens

Boy Talk, Girl Talk

Boy Talk Hey bro Girl Talk What’s up Siz,

So What’s Hot?

The sun, and going by the weather, you need to be careful about what you wear. Please don’t confuse swag with stupidity. Yes, both words begin with...

Ever Wonder

1. Who came up with the quail theory? 2. Should Birdman call himself Quailman? 3. Is it ok for a thermometer to brag as it has 100 degrees? 4. Would you get back together...
Weeping Woman

A Wake Up Call: Why My Aunt Is Celibate

Name: Donna Aluoch Onjala, School: Mount Laverna Girls’ Secondary School, Age: 16 Years
Coffee Date

Do’s and Dont’s For Girls During Dates

Girls should stop blaming stuff when something happens to their relationships. You go out on a date with someone that you probably had a crush on for days! What do you end up doing? You mess it up, and after that struggle to get his. For instance:

Ed’s Head

Hi Ed, I’m an addict of social media, especially Facebook and WhatsApp. This is quite worrying as it is now affecting my studies. Every single minute, I’m always...

Test Slider

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