A  catholic priest was yesterday arrested for raping a teen boy, 17-year-old, church member. The priest from Ngonda Parish, Kigumo Constituency in Muranga County was arrested after suspicious public stormed the parish headquarters at 2am accompanied by police officers and found him in bed with the teenager.

What really went down in this case involving a teenager and a priest will be determined by a medical report. Investigations are underway and the two will be taken to court after obtaining the medical report.

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The victim’s mother said her son is 17 years old while the police report indicated that the he is 18.
A police report at Muthithi Police Station, seen by the Nation, indicated that, “upon interrogation, it was revealed that the Catholic Father sodomised the victim”.

The victim’s mother, who could not control her tears said she had lost faith in the Church.


Well, what a society we live in, huh? Let us condemn such acts. It starts with you and I.