Cecilia Mwangi was once reigning Miss World Kenya. She has then gone on to take part in so many other projects. But there is one project that will be a ‘forever-kind-of-project’. Taking care of her daughter Cherise. To all mothers, taking care of their children is the one thing that they value the most. It’s however not an easy task. Weuh, we can’t even discuss how we kids can be difficult to our parents. Anywhos, Cecilia Mwangi has been living as a single mum for almost a year now. Where is the father of the child you ask? He is Danson Mungatana, former Garsen MP and the man who hasn’t contributed even a shilling to the upkeep of the children.  In 2016, the former beauty queen parted ways with her husband Danson Mungatana. It was actually a polygamous relationship and she happened to be the second wife. Crazy right? It was a union that was met with both criticism and awe. Last year she decided to quit the marriage and live on her own with the daughter she had with the politician. She says that they left things amicably. Well, trust these celebs to act nicely towards each other even after they’ve called it quits. However, Danson has not been playing nice. “Personally, I felt I was at a stage where I needed back some peace of mind. We no longer communicate. No phone calls, no messaging… Nothing at all. We now live our separate lives. We don’t even share responsibilities for my daughter. I am a hard-working and responsible lady, capable of taking care of her needs to the fullest.” Cecilia told The Star’s Word Is in 2016.

It has not been a bed of chocolates and wine for her. In fact, she says it’s been a struggle raising her kid alone. Recently she opened up on Ebru TV’s Let’s Talk show about her new title as ‘single mum’, “ It’s not easy being a single mum if you are not working or you do not have something you are doing and if you are not organized. It can be very overwhelming if you do not set your mind to it.”

Why Mungatana why? That’s just us asking because she did not outrightly say that he needed her in her life or that he was failing her in any way. She embracing the journey even though it’s tough on her, “All through from the time she was born it has been mum giving. He has not even been in the picture, she is not lacking something so she doesn’t get to a point where she is like ooh I miss so and so because he used to get me this and nowadays I don’t get it because he is no longer there.”

She also said that she doesn’t feel the void considering the baby daddy ain’t in the picture. “There is no void, the thing is you have got to work your a** off. Cherise is mine, mine and my family’s. I love my family, ” she said.

She’s a strong woman and she’ll survive it and bring up her daughter. Big shout out to all single mums outchea.