Gone are the days when we used to scream at Le Band song “Number one.” Whenever it came on. Okay, who am I kidding? Those days are not even about to gone. That song is timeless. Beautiful beautiful piece of art that would forever make me have tingles when I hear it.

But do not worry. Just because the group decided to take a break, does not mean we never get to hear another music produced by any of them. Charisma yesterday, to prove my point, released a video to his track “Marry U Twice” that is part of his 4 track E.P titled With Love, Charisma.

Other songs in the E.P include, “Betty”, “Nikumbatie” and “Nisife Moyo. “

We are not here to talk about the other three though but rather the one and only “Marry U Twice,” which chose, as the main theme it’s portraying, the fight against gender-based violence at homes.

The song starts by showing us the statistics of the number of people in abusive relationships, all the while, in the background, playing a phone call conversation between a woman and her boyfriend who is not only physically but emotionally abusive.

The woman, who is played by talented Foi Wambui, is obviously suffering, and she finds love again in Charisma who saves her later.

Everything about the song you can say is great. The beats, the lyrics, the video. It is great, but not perfect. Perhaps the only thing I did not like about it is the saving the damsel bit. But, apart from that, it is a great song that you should definitely listen to.