Cheryl Kitonga has been trending on social media since Sunday’s episode of Jicho Pevu. The young lady has been identified as the last person who was with the Late Jacob Juma.

During the entire expose, all the personalities mentioned remained anonymous while Cheryl was the only one whose identity was revealed. This is quite unfair seeing as Mohammed Ali obtained information from Cheryl in a very sneaky way.

A taxi driver, who remains unidentified, called Cheryl and she innocently revealed some information about her association with Jacob Juma. The conversation was recorded and aired during the expose. Listen below

And she is cognizant of the implications of the whispering and muttering going on and the damage they could potentially do to her reputation.

She took to social media and gave a succinct message


What do you think about what Mohammed Ali did to Cheryl? What would you do if you were Cheryl?