Most people did not even know that Wema Sepetu‘s main man IdrisSultan is a comedian. He is just known for his bad boy looks and his winning moment at Big Brother Africa.

A few months back, the reality star turned comedian was in the country for a comedy festival that was featuring Chipukeezy and many other African comedians. And now it turns out that there is bad blood between Chipukeezy and Idris.

Speaking to Pulse,Kenya’s funny man explained what the animosity is all about. He revealed that in recent times he made a comment about the Hot East African couple’s relationship.

I said that Wema should leave Idris, a pretty boy and go after men like me. It was actually on a lighter note but Idris was not amused and since then, there is a bit of tension between us

Okay,clearly Idris does not know how to take a joke.  Why would he be so bothered by such a comment, is he trying to tell us that he is so insecure in his relationship?