Vincent Muasya otherwise known as Chipukeezy is one of Kenya’s funniest comedians having seeing him rise to prominence on Churchill Show.Besides being a comedian,he also co-hosts Kiss 100’s Evening Drive Show on weekdays. iQru recently had a chat with him on his days as a Masii Boys and Tala High School student as we got to learn how his witty character helped him evade expulsion:

Insyder: Who was your favourite high school teacher?

Chipukeezy: Mr Mutava who was my English and drama TA from Masii Boys.

Insyder: Which was your favourite meal?

Chipukeezy: Rice and Chicken.

Insyder: Which clubs you were a member of?

Chipukeezy: Journalism and drama.

Insyder: Which were your best and worst subjects respectively?

Chipukeezy: My best ones were English, Swahili, History and Biology. Chemistry, Maths and Physics…wacha tu.

Insyder: Your sister school:

Chipukeezy: Tala Girls.

Insyder: Tell us about the funkies you always looked forward to:

Chipukeezy: Debate, Drama festivals, Music festivals and any football related funkie. The pretty chics were always around.

Insyder: Which teacher(s) did you have a crush on?

Chipukeezy: I’ve never had a crush on any teacher.

Insyder: Your most embarrassing moment in high school:

Chipukeezy: It must have been the day when I was punished mbele ya madem na teacher on duty.

Insyder: Nastiest experience as a Mono:

Chipukeezy: Nilikuwa naogopa sana kuoga nikiwa naked mbele ya wasee coz our shower rooms had no doors. But with time nikazoea.

Insyder: And lastly,which was the most memorable thing you did in high school?

Chipukeezy: I avoided expulsion by making my principal laugh after I cracked a joke and he forgave me. I had sneaked out to watch Arsenal play Manchester United. And by that simple joke is how I began my stint in comedy.