Chrissy turned heads at the American Music Awards 2016 yesterday with shocking thigh-high splits in her black backless gown, under which she couldn’t wear underwear.

She ended up flashing a bit more that she had bargained for.

Model Chrissy Teigen

The model’s outfit has brought to light a disgusting yet popular new fashion trend.

We’re not exactly sure where the crotch-baring trend came from, nor why it’s taken the fashion world by storm, but two things are for certain: it’s here to stay, and it’s already crossed the line from fashion statement into the realm of insanity. For the past couple of months, there’s been an upward trend of waist-high, thigh-revealing dresses, and guess what happens when you expose your thighs at waist-level? Yap, you guessed it- you show what you’re not supposed to be showing. Take a look at some of the celebrities taking up this disturbing trend. Someone make it stop please

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