It has just been revealed that leading churches in Nairobi make over a billion shillings from offerings and tithes.

According to Daily Nation, the statements made public show that the gross earnings of four of these churches with huge following in Nairobi, topped Sh 2 billion in 2015 alone.

  1. Christ Is the Answer Ministry (CITAM), which has 15 branches across the country and also runs a five schools under their name, attained a leading figure of Sh 1 billion collected in offerings and tithes.
  2. Nairobi Chapel got a total income of Sh 440 million, while the All Saints Cathedral Church made Sh 190 million from offering and tithes.
  3. Mavuno Church, made up to Sh 290 million whereas,
  4. Nairobi Baptist Church received Sh 90 million from its congregants.