Guys the Coachella mood is setting in and everybody is going gaga about the whole event. However, there are some who are sweating off their behinds to nail this 2018 Coachella big time. Have you seen what Queen Bey is doing in preparation for Coachella? Fahm if this ain’t love for what she does, I do not know what to call it.


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Beyonce misses 2017 Coachella concert

Rem… when Beyonce missed the 2017 Coachella concert because of her pregnancy? She is definitely not missing this year’s concert. In fact, she is fired up to have our jaws drop this year with her Coachella performance. How do we know that, I mean it’s Beyonce we are talking about here, what do you expect. Anyway, Beyonce is doing these for the sake of yet another electrifying performance at Coachella.

  • Beyonce Goes Vegan
Back to basics: The Single Ladies songstress shared a series of snaps announcing her plans for getting healthy before the big event
44 Days to Coachella

Yeeaspeeps, Beyonce is not and I repeat is not having any dairy products until Coachella is done. She announced her plant-based diet looking all sexy and flawless in her dance formation and that said she is not your ordinary performer.

Meal plan: One shot revealed avocado toast with mint and red jalapeno which follows the guidelines of the 'vegan' way of eating.
Beyonce’s Vegan Diet
  • 11 Hours of Practicing

Beyonce's 11 hour days practicing for Coachella


Guys, Beyonce having pulled out of last year’s Coachella, she is really serious about being the show stopper in this year’s Coachella. The Formation hitmaker is putting so much effort to please her fans in this year’s concert and we hope it pays out. I cannot wait for her performance at Coachella. Three words, It’ll be lit.


I think we’ve had enough of Beyonce and it’s time we talked more of Offset’s baby mama. Guys there no words to say how much I admire Cardi-B, she will still turn us on and off like she does to Offset. She is preggo but she will still Bodak Yellow at the 2018 Coachella. Right now, not even Offset has the pressure her designers are experiencing to have her look juicy. By juicy I mean having Cardi not look pregnant.


The spotlight definitely belongs to Cardi but the attention will all be directed to her mid section, I doubt we will even relate with the Bodak Yellow lyrics. Cardi is spending a lot of times on set and going to great lengths to hide her belly. Despite being pregnant, Cardi is slatted to perform at this year’s Coachella before popping the baby out this summer. Is it a boy or a girl? We are yet to find out.

People Coachella is here again, bigger and better. Who’s performance are you anticipating to see? Who’s fashion IQ are you looking forward to? What drama is yet to unveil? I just cant wait.