The Baden Powell Room of The Sarova Stanley was a hive of activity; Coke had brought together journalists, agency representatives, managers, brand ambassadors, and other persons that were connected to the media even in the most remote way.

The media frenzy here was all in the name of a press conference that was to be held by The Kansoul, Bahati, Dela, and Lizha James of Mozambique. They were to brief us on their Coke Studio experiences and how the whole experience had generally impacted them, connecting Coke Studio to their sponsors to their music to their fans; this was no mean task, but they all did it spectacularly.

Lizha James is a Mozambican artist who happens to be one of the biggest Lusophone musicians in Africa.

(I only came to know of the word Lusophone through a brief that had been offered to us by the lovely Anyiko Owoko, so no I’m not switching up on you guys; later came to learn that it means ‘Portuguese-speaking’!)

She was full of gratitude to Coke and all the sponsors for having treated her like a queen, but complained to The Kansoul of their tendency to treat her like a baby, something to which they all laughed heartily. She seemed to have already blended well with the talented trio of hit-makers, who were full of so much humor and personality on that day.

Like Lizha, Madtraxxx took time to express his gratitude to the sponsors. He also took time to poke fun at the fact that he has been in Nairobi the whole time, therefore not having been able to experience the benefits offered by The Stanley and Kenya Airways’ Dreamliner. His natural confidence and ability to light up the entire room set a high precedent for Mejja, who did not disappoint; Mejja was somehow unable to say how beautiful Lizha James is without pointing out that ‘Kansoul ni team ya mafisi’, at which we could not hold our amusement.


But I don’t blame him, I mean look at her:

Lizha James
Lizha James


Kid Kora was the slightly most serious of the 3 that day (not to say that he didn’t have his fair share of fun). He spoke of The Coke Studio project being an inspiration and a dream for most, seeing as most families don’t believe music to be a stable career.

Dela was extremely soft-spoken and graceful in nature; she spoke of how much she has been enjoying herself, adding that working with Patoranking and Vanessa Mdee has been her highlight of the project so far.

The man who stole the show was Bahati though; he was dressed in a well-fitting suit, but it was by no means meant to be an indicator of how serious he was to be. He began by speaking of how grateful he was for having been the first gospel artist to participate in Coke Studio, and his need to represent the church and to serve as inspiration to less privileged children. However after that he let jokes fly one after the other, and every single one of the jokes landed with us; he joked about his inability to match his fellow artists’ English, and he shared hilarious banter with Mejja. Mejja was the target of all his jokes, to which Mejja amusingly engaged him.

Bahati and Mejja bantering
Bahati and Mejja bantering

Overall, it was a very qualitative and successful day; it is widely expected that the same will be said of their performances.